‘Continuous Moves’ in Blue Yonder TMS

continuous moves blue yonder tms

How to Maximize Fleet Utilization in BY TMS.

In the competitive world of logistics and supply chain management, companies are constantly seeking ways to optimize their operations and reduce costs. One such possibility is the concept of “Continuous Moves” available in Blue Yonder’s Transportation Management System (TMS).

This advanced approach to transportation management promises to maximize efficiency and improve the utilization of transportation resources.

Leveraging Continuous Moves to benefit your transportation allows you to create savings by optimizing the resources at your disposal. In Blue Yonder TMS, there are numerous variables available to configure Continuous Moves according to your company's needs or constraints.

¿What are 'Continuous Moves'?

The term “Continuous Moves” refers to a transportation management strategy where vehicles do not return empty to their point of origin after making a delivery. Instead, continuous movements are planned so that once a truck makes a delivery, it picks up a new load nearby to take to its next destination. This approach not only reduces empty miles but also optimizes the use of time and resources, resulting in significant operational cost savings and an overall improvement in supply chain efficiency.

Benefits of "Continuous Moves" in Blue Yonder TMS

1. Costs savings

Implementing “Continuous Moves” within Blue Yonder’s TMS enables companies to minimize empty miles, directly resulting in reduced fuel and maintenance costs. Moreover, by maximizing vehicle utilization, there is a decreased reliance on additional transportation hires, generating significant savings.

continuous move TMS transportation cost savings

2. Improved Efficency

Blue Yonder’s TMS is designed to seamlessly integrate Continuous Moves into daily operations. The ability to plan and execute continuous movements allows for more efficient resource utilization, eliminating idle time and maximizing driver and vehicle productivity.

3. Sustainability

Reducing empty miles translates to lower greenhouse gas emissions. By optimizing routes and minimizing unnecessary trips, companies can decrease their carbon footprint, aligning with increasing demands for sustainability and environmental responsibility.

4. Visibility and Real-time control

Blue Yonder’s TMS provides comprehensive visibility across the transportation chain, enabling managers to monitor vehicle locations, shipments, and delivery deadlines in real-time. This enhanced visibility facilitates informed decision-making and enables quick problem resolution.

Implementation of Continuous Moves in Blue Yonder TMS

Blue Yonder’s TMS offers a variety of variables that allow customization of Continuous Moves (such as maximum number of loads in trip or maximum total deadheads, total or load distances, maximum return distance, and limits on off-route distances). These variables enable businesses to tailor and optimize Continuous Moves according to their specific needs. However, understanding and effectively utilizing this complexity requires a deep understanding of your company’s business model, logistical resources, and desired outcomes.

This is where a TMS consultant plays a crucial role. A TMS consultant specializes in aligning Blue Yonder’s TMS capabilities with the goals and logistical requirements of your company. They bridge the gap between technical capabilities and practical application, ensuring that Continuous Moves are implemented to their fullest potential.

By leveraging the expertise of a TMS consultant, businesses can navigate the intricacies of Blue Yonder’s TMS variables and effectively translate them into optimized transportation strategies. This alignment maximizes operational efficiency, reduces costs, and enhances overall supply chain performance through tailored Continuous Moves solutions.


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