Interview with Diego Martínez, TMS Consultant

“Actively listen to the customer before beginning to optimize. A vital premise for BlueGistics”.

What does BlueGistics mean to you?

It is a TMS consultancy, innovative, with projection, with initiative, with the best standards of professionalism. It is a company that I feel very proud and privileged to be able to work for.

Could you please tell us about your experience and career path in the field of transportation management and TMS?

I have been working and learning every day about the TMS system for more than 3 years.
In BlueGistics I have been able to evolve a lot as a consultant.

What role do you currently do?

Currently, I am a consultant focused on the Super User project in the COPEC and Mexico region.

diego martinez bluegistics

What types of projects or tasks do you typically handle on a daily basis?

My daily tasks I would divide into two sections:
1.- Unexpected results in the optimizations (analysis of results).
2.- Development of configuration proposals for the new requirements of each country.

What are the common challenges that companies face when implementing a transportation management system?

I consider that being very large companies (talking about the clients I have worked with) there are several areas of opportunity when it comes to communication between the different areas (finance, planning, control tower, etc…).

How do you approach customizing and configuring a TMS to meet the specific needs of a client?

It is necessary to be close to the customers, by this I mean to be close to them, to know their daily life, their goals, so that in this way we can provide solutions to their problems and continuously improve. For BlueGistics this has always been a vital point: actively listen to the customer before starting to optimize.

Can you provide an example where you believe we have assisted a customer?

I believe we have contributed a lot to the client with the TMS implementation project in Ecuador. This project has achieved considerable and tangible savings in planning. Another example would be my current Super User role, in which I worked all last year (2023) to reduce the percentage of “unroutable shipments” (M3).

How do you engage with customers to grasp their needs and expectations regarding transportation management?

Being a Super User, I believe I have an advantage when it comes to understanding the client’s needs since I am in constant communication with the planning team and I live their day to day. I am also very sociable and it is easy for me to engage in conversation with the different teams, always maintaining professionalism with the client.

What aspects of TMS do you anticipate will evolve most significantly in the coming years?

A very important aspect would be the use of AI in TMS, which would help the process of generating new strategies for optimization.


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