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Logistics Network

For companies like yours, external convergence in supply chain execution is more critical than ever, and logistics plays a central role in this. Discover the potential of Blue Yonder’s logistics network, a digital ecosystem that connects small and large organizations throughout your supply chain. This logistics network facilitates a market-driven approach to the consumption and provision of logistics services by providing crucial supply chain information in a timely and transparent manner, while enabling a high level of supply chain resilience.

Today, collaboration and connectivity in the supply chain are essential to maintain efficiency and responsiveness to changing market demands. Blue Yonder’s logistics network acts as a digital bridge that enables organizations to share key information and make informed decisions in real time. This not only improves visibility and transparency throughout the supply chain, but also strengthens resilience, enabling companies to adapt more nimbly to disruptions and maintain a high level of customer service.

In summary, the Blue Yonder logistics network is a powerful tool that connects organizations throughout the supply chain, enabling more effective and efficient logistics management. This digital connectivity is essential to stay competitive and prepared to meet the changing challenges of the market and customer demands.

Take performance into account when making decisions about the allocation of carriers. When it comes to making decisions about which carrier to select or reward, it is crucial to consider its past performance. This involves evaluating how they have fulfilled their delivery commitments, if they have maintained a good level of service, if they have met the deadlines and if they have demonstrated efficient cargo management. When considering the carrier's performance when making prize decisions, you can make more informed and strategic decisions. By selecting carriers that have a solid history of performance, you are more likely to be able to maintain an efficient supply chain and meet your customers' expectations consistently. In addition, by rewarding good performance, you can motivate your carriers to maintain high standards and further improve their performance in the future. In summary, the consideration of performance when making decisions about the assignment of carriers is essential for efficient supply chain management and optimal customer satisfaction. By making decisions based on solid performance data, you can make more successful decisions and build strong relationships with your carriers.

It manages historical transactions of the Transport Management System (TMS) in the current annual procurement tender.

This process involves the collection and analysis of data from past TMS transactions, such as transport costs, routes used and carrier performance. Then, this information is used to inform and improve the annual tender for acquisitions of transport services.

By managing historical transactions effectively, you can make more informed decisions in the current bid. This allows you to negotiate more solid contracts with carriers, identify savings opportunities and optimize the efficiency of your supply chain. In addition, by taking advantage of the accumulated knowledge of past transactions, you can improve the accuracy of your forecasts and acquisition strategies, resulting in a better overall performance of your business.

In summary, the management of historical transactions of the TMS in the annual procurement tender is a strategic approach that can provide valuable information and improve the efficiency and profitability of your transport and logistics operations.

Track and manage relationships with carriers to ensure that the process from acquisition to execution is fluid.

This process involves the constant monitoring of relations with carriers, from the acquisition and selection phase to the execution of contracts. It is sought to ensure that carriers comply with the agreements and that the collaboration between both parties is effective and without problems.

By monitoring and managing relationships with carriers effectively, a more efficient and reliable supply chain can be guaranteed. This means better coordination in the delivery of products, a reduction in operating costs and greater customer satisfaction. In addition, it strengthens long-term collaboration with carriers, which can lead to stronger relationships and mutual benefits over time.

In summary, the monitoring and management of relations with carriers are essential to ensure a smooth and efficient supply chain. It involves the constant supervision of agreements and effective communication with carriers to achieve optimal performance in the execution of logistics.

Logistics Network Bluegistics

Increase your benefits by reducing the number of miles that your vehicles travel without load and by making the most of your assets through a network of carriers that are connected and coordinated with each other.

In other words, by reducing inefficient travel and ensuring that your vehicles and resources are being used optimally thanks to a network of carriers that collaborate and share information, you can improve the profitability of your business in the transport and logistics sector. This strategy not only reduces operating costs, but also increases efficiency in the delivery of goods and services, which can result in an increase in profits.

Access a larger and more flexible capacity reserve through a digitally connected ecosystem of transport partners.

Through the digital connection with a network of transport partners, you can have a larger and more versatile set of transport resources. Instead of relying solely on your own assets or limited resources, this digital collaboration allows you to access a wider variety of transportation options that adapt to your specific needs. This can help you be more agile and efficient in the management of transport capacity, which in turn can have a positive impact on logistics and customer satisfaction.

It improves collaboration between shippers and carriers and offers access to real-time price quotes to reduce freight transport costs.

This implies that by encouraging greater collaboration between those who send the cargo and those who transport it, and by providing the possibility of accessing price quotes updated in real time, it is sought to reduce the expenses associated with the transport of goods. Closer collaboration between the parties involved can lead to more efficient route planning and the optimization of the selection of carriers, which in turn can result in significant savings in shipping costs. In addition, having access to real-time price quotes allows you to make informed decisions and choose the most profitable options at the right time, which contributes to a more efficient management of cargo transport costs.

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