We implement any Routal TMS module (former Smart Monkey) your company needs.

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Optimize your deliveries with the leading route planning tool

Simple, fast and with maximum efficiency.

Maximize your time and accuracy

Forget about hours of planning. In a few minutes, you will have everything ready to send the instructions to the drivers and know when each package will arrive.

Customize according to your fleet and your standards

Our system adapts to you, offering you all the options you require. Incorporate capabilities, define schedules, set up pick-up points and any other essential details for your business.

Maintain total control over your routes

Make changes on the fly, even if deliveries are already in process. Any inconvenience with a vehicle? Modify the assignment in an instant and the system will automatically recalibrate.

Routal TMS - BlueGistics
Routal TMS - BlueGistics


Monitor your operations instantly and record every detail of your deliveries.

Simplified Route Tracking

Send route directions to your drivers via Whatsapp or email with a single link, without additional downloads. Experience the ease of collaborating with both external collaborators and permanent members of your team.

Our web platform is intuitive and does not require an extensive learning curve. It works on any device without installations and is efficient in data consumption.

Document Every Delivery Accurately

Record every aspect of your deliveries or services: photos, signatures, numerical data, texts, selectable options. Everything is customizable to adapt to the changing needs of your business.

Transfer all this data in an agile way through an Excel file or synchronize it with your system so that invoicing starts right after delivery.

Stay on top of your operations

Don’t miss any detail! With Routal, you will have the ability to track your operations in real time and act quickly in the event of any eventuality.

It visually identifies any inconvenience, verifies if drivers are following the established routes, knows the delay times and locates their exact position. Dedicate your energy to what really drives your business.


Keep in constant and clear contact with your customers.

Automated Alerts

Provide peace of mind and confidence to your customers through our efficient communication channels, such as SMS and email. Inform your customers about every step of the process: from when the shipment starts, when it is close to its destination and at the end of the delivery.

Minimizing manual tasks will allow you to focus on growth, leaving behind repetitive tasks that do not add to your productivity.

Live Tracking

Offer transparency to your customers! Provide a unique link via SMS or email to let them know the delivery driver’s location, estimated time of arrival and pending stops.

This level of detail will enhance the efficiency of your service and reduce delivery incidents.

Evaluate and Optimize your Service

Solicit feedback from your customers through post-delivery surveys. Study their responses and discover areas of improvement for further growth.

Routal TMS customers

The integration of these Routal systems with other TMS not only adds value to a company’s logistics operations, but also provides a unified platform for supply chain management. This means that companies can leverage the strengths of each of these systems and tailor their solutions to their specific needs.

In short, transportation management is a critical component of any company’s supply chain, and choosing the right TMS can make all the difference in terms of efficiency and profitability. Routal is one of the leading companies in this industry, and its ability to integrate with other TMSs offers exciting opportunities to improve logistics operations. Companies looking to boost their supply chain should seriously consider how these systems can be tailored to their needs and help them achieve their business objectives.

Routal TMS - BlueGistics
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