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Obtain a return on investment close to 400%.

Achieve real-time visibility, collaboration and transport synchronization.

Transportation Mangement Bluegistics

Blue Yonder Transportation Management

The most advanced planning engine, which takes into account all operational constraints and easily adjusts to solve highly complex problems.

Across industries, companies like yours are adapting to manage increasingly complex supply chains while balancing delivery expectations and costs.

Transportation management gives you the ability to make the most of all your available resources, increase profitability, promote sustainability and strengthen your competitive advantage.

Discover how Blue Yonder’s Transportation Management solutions can transform your transportation operations, addressing both departures and arrivals, integrating collaboration tools with suppliers and carriers, and giving you the flexibility and confidence to meet the challenges ahead.

Improves efficiency at all stages of transport

  • Unify all types of transport, including land, air, sea and rail
  • Plan transport at the global, regional and local level, both for the entry and exit of goods
  • It automates the consolidation of loads and optimizes its allocation, either by using our own fleet or outsourcing
  • Manage the service schedules and the coordination of the loading and unloading areas effectively.
Establishes an interconnected transport system that provides real-time data and monitors the fundamental aspects of the execution.
  • Centralize the information of transport providers.
  • Combine data from a mobile application, GPS devices and IoT technology.
  • Generate notifications in case of deviations in the execution of the plan.
Optimize the allocation of transport resources to meet demand and eliminate the need for manual tasks by external collaborators. Effective coordination with suppliers for precise order management.
  • Improve collaboration and increase visibility with your suppliers.
  • Optimize planning by accurately confirming quantities and shipping dates.
  • Facilitates communication with advanced shipments and the generation of required labels.
Transportation Mangement Bluegistics
Measure savings and possibilities for improvement using real operational data.
  • Analyze different scenarios using the key question "What would happen if...?"
  • Support changes in infrastructure and manage capacity efficiently.
  • Encourage continuous improvement by anticipating and managing exceptions in a predictive way.
Avoids errors when handling billing and facilitates payment management.
  • Simplify the approval of invoices by automating flows.
  • Make payments and collections efficiently thanks to double-entry accounting.
  • Easily detects and audits additional or unexpected charges.
Increase efficiency and reduce expenses by automating transport consolidation, tariff negotiation and AI-assisted planning. Negotiate favorable tariff agreements with your transport partners.
  • Understand the magnitude of the operation through historical data and transport forecasts.
  • Establish optimal rates taking into account criteria such as level of service, costs and other relevant factors.
  • Manage contracts efficiently and properly.
Improve service levels by 40% with Blue Yonder Transport Management

To meet the changing needs of their customers and sustainability concerns, companies around the world are investing in their global transportation processes and systems. At Blue Yonder, we pride ourselves on delivering innovative, scalable and optimized end-to-end Transportation Management solutions to help organizations like yours deliver critical goods and services to your customers no matter the circumstances.

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