Optimizing Transportation Efficiency with Load Building Services

Are you struggling to streamline your transportation operations due to inefficient load planning? Look no further than Load Building Services (LBS) by Blue Yonder TMS. In this article, we’ll delve into the concept of Load Building and how it can revolutionize your supply chain logistics.

What is Load Building Services?

Your company is managing numerous customer orders with varied destinations, despite having multiple orders headed towards the same location, you often find yourself dealing with less-than-optimal truckloads (LTL). This inefficiency not only leads to increased costs but also compromises timely deliveries.

Blue Yonder’s Load Building Services (LBS) is designed to address precisely these challenges, LBS offers a comprehensive solution to optimize transportation load and shipment creation. Whether it’s consolidating orders, reallocating inventory, or ensuring full truckloads, LBS has you covered.

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How does Load Building Services work?

The workflow of Load Building Service is straightforward yet powerful. It begins with gathering input data, which can range from transactional details to master data configurations. LBS then applies user-defined constraints and algorithms to generate optimized loads or shipments. These outputs serve as inputs for further processing, seamlessly integrating with other applications in your supply chain ecosystem.

Streamlining Planning Workflows

In the realm of shipment and load planning, efficiency is key. LBS seamlessly integrates into your supply chain planning optimization process, consolidating orders and generating shipment details for review. By automating tasks and providing real-time insights, LBS empowers planners to make informed decisions swiftly.

Unlocking Key Capabilities

The true power of LBS lies in its diverse set of capabilities tailored to meet the dynamic demands of modern logistics:

  • Order Consolidation and Priority: Giving each order the personalized priority it requires and consolidating all orders to maximize truck or vehicle loading efficiency.
  • Order Splitting: When multiple loads have been consolidated and there is still space in a vehicle, this capability can intelligently split orders among several loads.
  • Pull or Push of Orders: Dynamic adjustment when all loading programs are consolidated, allowing orders to be expedited or delayed to optimize trailers, thereby adapting to changing demand patterns.
  • MutliStop Loads: The ability to plan loads considering stops and reload options at various points.
  • Palletization and Load Containerization: Adjusting pallet stacking rules according to item characteristics and loading to optimize space and minimize transit damage.
  • Inventory Management: Maintain optimal inventory levels across multiple locations, preventing stockouts and overstocking.
  • Inventory Shuttling: Ability to perform a full vehicle load from various warehouses or plants.
  • 2D/3D visualization: Ability to view the entire load of each vehicle and the location of each order from different 3D angles.

With these capabilities at your disposal, LBS empowers you to optimize load prioritization, reduce transit damages, and ultimately, drive down transportation costs.


In today’s fast-paced logistics landscape, efficient load planning is more critical than ever. With Blue Yonder’s Load Building Services, you can streamline your transportation operations, minimize costs, and deliver exceptional customer experiences. Embrace the power of Load Building and revolutionize your supply chain logistics today.


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