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Unigis offers a wide range of solutions focused on geolocation and logistics. These solutions are essential for companies in a variety of industries that want to optimize their operations and make the most of geospatial data. Some of the key solutions include:

  • Geolocation SaaS: Unigis’ SaaS solution enables businesses to visualize geographic data on interactive maps, facilitating location-based decision making.

  • Real-Time Tracking Platform: This platform enables real-time tracking of vehicles, assets and deliveries, improving operational efficiency and safety.

  • Custom GIS Solutions: Unigis works closely with companies to develop custom GIS solutions that are tailored to their specific needs, including the integration of geospatial data into their existing workflows.


Order management is an essential part of any business that handles products or services. Unigis offers a comprehensive solution from order reception to final delivery. Here are more details:

Main Features

  • Real-Time Order Tracking: Unigis enables real-time tracking of all orders, providing visibility into their status and current location.

  • Order Assignment Automation: The platform automates the assignment of orders to vehicles and drivers based on capacity and location, improving distribution efficiency.

  • Delivery Route Optimization: Unigis uses optimization algorithms to calculate the most efficient routes, which reduces transportation costs and decreases delivery times.

  • Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) Integration: The solution integrates with existing ERP systems to ensure seamless order management.

Unigis Modules - BlueGistics
Unigis Modules - BlueGistics


Distribution planning is crucial to ensure that products and services reach their destinations efficiently. Unigis offers advanced tools for distribution planning and optimization. Here you have more information:

Outstanding Features

  • Distribution Route Optimization: Unigis helps to calculate the most efficient routes, taking into account multiple factors such as traffic, capacity and constraints.

  • Efficient Fleet Management: The platform enables effective fleet management, including vehicle allocation, preventive maintenance and real-time tracking.

  • Demand Analysis and Forecasting: Unigis provides tools to analyze the demand for products or services and make accurate forecasts.

  • Reduced Operating Costs: By optimizing distribution operations, Unigis helps reduce operating costs, increase efficiency and improve customer satisfaction.


Unigis offers real-time monitoring solutions that are essential for the efficient management of fleets and logistics assets. This page focuses on how Unigis approaches in-depth logistics monitoring:

Main Features

  • Real-Time Vehicle and Asset Tracking: The Unigis platform enables real-time tracking of the location and status of vehicles and assets, providing complete supply chain visibility.

  • Critical Event Alerts and Notifications: Unigis offers the configuration of customized alerts for critical events, such as delivery delays or deviations from planned routes.

  • Detailed Reporting and Historical Data Analysis: Users can generate detailed reports and perform retrospective data analysis to identify patterns, trends and opportunities for improvement.

  • Geofencing for Safety and Efficiency: The platform allows the creation of geofences, ensuring that vehicles and assets do not enter or leave specific areas without authorization, improving safety and efficiency.

Unigis Modules - BlueGistics
Unigis Modules - BlueGistics


Unigis’ mobile delivery control solution is designed to optimize delivery operations, especially in the last mile. The key features are detailed below:

Key Features

  • Efficient Delivery Route Planning: Unigis enables the planning of optimal delivery routes, taking into account factors such as customer location and real-time traffic.

  • Real-Time Delivery Tracking: Drivers can log deliveries in real time and customers can follow the progress of their deliveries through real-time notifications and updates.

  • Electronic Signature Capture and Proof of Delivery: The platform facilitates the capture of electronic signatures and proof of delivery, which increases transparency and reliability.

  • Integration with Warehouse Management Systems (WMS): Unigis integrates seamlessly with Warehouse Management Systems (WMS) to ensure smooth inventory and delivery management.


Unigis offers a complete transport management solution for logistics and transport companies. This page focuses on the highlights of this solution:

Outstanding Features

  • Route and Load Optimization: Unigis uses advanced algorithms to optimize transportation routes and vehicle loading, reducing costs and improving efficiency.

  • Fleet and Asset Control: The platform enables full control over the vehicle fleet and other assets, including maintenance scheduling and real-time tracking.

  • Maintenance Scheduling and Tracking: Unigis facilitates preventive maintenance scheduling and tracking of maintenance activities, which prolongs vehicle life and reduces downtime.

  • Performance and Compliance Reports: Detailed reports provide information on fleet performance, regulatory compliance and opportunities to improve operational efficiency.

Unigis Modules - BlueGistics


Unigis offers specific solutions for e-commerce companies that want to improve their logistics and satisfy customers in the last mile. Here are more details:

Main Features

  • E-commerce Systems Integration: Unigis integrates with existing e-commerce systems, enabling efficient order and delivery management.

  • Real-Time Shipment and Delivery Tracking: Customers can track their shipments in real time, increasing satisfaction and confidence.

  • Last Mile Delivery Route Optimization: The platform optimizes last mile delivery routes, reducing costs and improving delivery speed.

  • Efficient Returns Management and Customer Service: Unigis facilitates returns management and improves customer service in cases of problems with shipments.

I hope this additional information will be useful for you to understand more in depth the solutions offered by Unigis in these pages. If you would like additional details on any of these solutions or have specific questions, please do not hesitate to ask.

The integration of these Unigis systems with other TMS not only adds value to a company’s logistics operations, but also provides a unified platform for supply chain management. This means that companies can leverage the strengths of each of these systems and tailor their solutions to their specific needs.

In short, transportation management is a critical component of any company’s supply chain, and choosing the right TMS can make all the difference in terms of efficiency and profitability. Unigis, Cargobase, Smart Monkey and Hedyla are prominent names in this industry, and their ability to integrate with other TMSs offers exciting opportunities to improve logistics operations. Companies looking to boost their supply chain should seriously consider how these systems can be tailored to their needs and help them achieve their business objectives.

Unigis Modules - BlueGistics
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