Interview with Adrià Estañol Business Development Director BlueGistics

“We like our customer to see us as a partner and not just as another supplier”

What is BlueGistics?

BlueGistics is sometimes described as a ‘boutique‘ for Blue Yonder’s TMS, and others as a transportation management software implementation consulting firm. While I agree 100% with these definitions, I like to define BlueGistics as a team of close, professional and super-savvy Blue Yonder TMS experts who go the extra mile to make your day-to-day life more efficient, profitable and sustainable.

What is the purpose of BlueGistics?

BlueGistics was born from the need to give that extra proximity, advice and personalized attention to Blue Yonder TMS customers. Our greatest satisfaction is to see that our clients have their TMS perfectly optimized and that the users of the tool feel comfortable, confident and committed to using Blue Yonder TMS.

Why do customers choose BlueGistics for BY TMS support and advice?

I believe that each client has its own reasons depending on the moment and the phase they are in, since it is not the same for a client that already has its TMS working for several years, or for another one that is expanding the implementation with roll-outs in several countries, or for another one that is just starting an implementation; but I believe that, summarizing and generalizing, clients choose us for our deep knowledge of Blue Yonder TMS and for our personalized, human and agile approach. We like our customer to see us as a partner and not just as another supplier, and we do our best to make it happen.

adria estañol bluegistics BY TMS

In addition, our solid experience, references and tangible results back us up. The savings we have achieved, and can achieve thanks to our in-depth knowledge of Blue Yonder TMS, are more than significant.

What are the advantages of Blue Yonder TMS over others?

Blue Yonder TMS is the world’s leading TMS par excellence as demonstrated year after year by being listed as a Leader in the Gartner® Magic QuadrantTM.

Blue Yonder TMS has many advantages and benefits, such as the scalability it offers, the comprehensive coverage of the transport processes End To End, the visibility and analysis capacity of the tool basis, the infinite parameterization that allows us a great customization but without neglecting the importance of a standard “template”. Blue Yonder TMS stands out for its optimization engine because it allows you to optimize, redundantly, operations from the simplest to the most complex with a simple click and at unmatched speed.

Last but not least, I think it is essential to have a leading company like Blue Yonder behind you, which offers a guarantee and security that you are always acquiring the best on the market and in constant innovation.

What are BlueGistics' plans for the future?

Our strategic plan is clear. We want to continue working with excellence as our flag and continue to consolidate our position as the trusted partner of TMS.

Although we are already working in practically every continent in the world, we intend to continue making our mark in more countries, increasing our team in Spain, Mexico and Brazil, and also expanding our portfolio of services. However, we are very clear that we do not want to lose the essence that characterizes us; so alongside growth, we will reinforce continuous training to ensure that we continue to be the best at what we do; and we will also emphasize transmitting our values and culture internally so that our customers can continue to call us “partner”.



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