Interview with Blanca Oltra, TMS Solution Architect

“Transportation will benefit from AI. Faster and more accurate decisions will be made.”

blanca blue yonder tms solution architect

Hello Blanca. What does BlueGistics mean to you?

For me, BlueGistics represents a company with immense potential within the BY TMS implementation sector. Its dedicated and specialized focus in this area sets it apart, demonstrating a firm commitment to excellence in transportation management.

It stands out for having a team of highly committed professionals. This dedication is reflected in every aspect of their work, from customer service to the development of customized solutions for their clients. The BlueGistics team not only possesses a deep technical understanding of BY TMS but also a passion for finding efficient and effective solutions to their clients’ logistical challenges.

In summary, BlueGistics is a company with great potential, driven by a team committed to providing innovative solutions in the field of transportation management.

Could you share some details about your experience and professional journey in the field of Transportation Management Systems (TMS)?

Over the past 8 years, I’ve been fully dedicated to implementing BY TMS solutions. This experience has allowed me to work with companies from various sectors, sizes, and geographic locations worldwide.

My role in these implementations has ranged from system design to configuration, training, and post-implementation support. I’ve worked closely with clients’ internal teams to understand their specific needs and design customized solutions that optimize their operations.

Throughout my career, I’ve gained a deep understanding of the challenges and complexities inherent in transportation management, as well as the best practices for addressing them.

What is your current role at BlueGistics?

My primary responsibility is as a Solution Architect for Blue Yonder TMS, while also holding the position of Innovation Lead at BlueGistics.

What role does technology play in transportation optimization, and how would you persuade a company that hasn't implemented a TMS yet to do so?

Technology plays a crucial role in transportation optimization, and implementing a system like BY TMS can be the key to taking operational efficiency to the next level.

To persuade a company that has not yet implemented BY TMS, I would highlight the following:

  • Data Simplification and Synchronization: With BY TMS, the company can centralize all its transportation-related data on a single platform.
  • Accessibility: Accessibility is crucial in today’s business environment, especially in a world where remote work and mobility are increasingly common.
  • Intelligence and Speed: BY TMS offers advanced capabilities for intelligence and data analysis, allowing the company to gain valuable insights into its operational performance.
blanca oltra blue yonder tms architect

In summary, the implementation of a technological solution like BY TMS not only simplifies and synchronizes transportation data management but also enhances accessibility, business intelligence, and operational speed. A crucial factor in persuading a company to adopt this technology would be how it can help them optimize their processes, reduce costs, and improve customer satisfaction, ultimately driving their competitiveness in the market.

What are the key criteria you would recommend considering when selecting a TMS SaaS solution to ensure successful implementation and quick user adaptation?

Selecting a TMS SaaS solution is a crucial decision that can have a significant impact on operational efficiency and company profitability. To ensure successful implementation and rapid user adaptation, it is important to consider:

  • Analysis of specific needs: Conducting a thorough analysis of logistical needs and challenges is crucial. This includes identifying key processes to be improved, business objectives to be achieved, and specific features required in a TMS solution.
  • Ease of use and adaptability: The solution should be intuitive and easy to use to ensure rapid user adoption. The interface should be user-friendly and require minimal training to be effectively utilized.
  • Scalability: The solution should be scalable to grow alongside the company. This means it should be capable of handling increased operational volumes and incorporating new functionalities and features as needed.
  • Support and customer service: The solution should offer robust technical support and customer service. This includes providing quick and effective assistance in case of technical issues or queries related to platform usage.

How do you collaborate with clients to customize and tailor Blue Yonder TMS solutions to their specific needs?

My approach focuses on conducting detailed analysis and gaining a deep understanding of their operations and objectives:

  1. Understanding the client and their processes
  2. Identifying key areas for improvement or optimization
  3. Providing customized solutions
  4. Continued collaboration through open communication with the client
  5. Training and support

In summary, my approach to customizing and adapting Blue Yonder TMS solutions to clients’ specific needs is based on a detailed analysis of their operations, close collaboration, and ongoing attention to their requirements and feedback.

In a TMS implementation project, which phase do you enjoy the most and consider your contribution adds significant value to the client?

The phase I enjoy the most and consider my contribution valuable to the client is during the solution design and creation of customized automations to address potential tool gaps.

In this stage, I have the opportunity to collaborate closely with the client to understand their specific needs and the unique challenges they face in their logistics operation. Utilizing my experience in implementing TMS solutions and my deep knowledge of the platform, I can design a customized solution that fits seamlessly into their processes.

Creating customized automations is particularly rewarding because it allows for efficiently and effectively addressing small gaps or areas for improvement within the standard tool. These automations can be small enhancements or adjustments that add significant value to the client’s logistics process, such as streamlining recurring activities, managing exceptions, or improving visibility.

blue yonder tms architect

As the Head of Innovation at BlueGistics, what do you think will be the next innovations in the field of TMS?

I believe there are several key areas where significant advancements can be expected in the field of Transportation Management Systems in the near future:

  • Integration of artificial intelligence and machine learning techniques will enable faster and more accurate decision-making.
  • Real-time processing will continuously optimize logistics operations as they occur.
  • Real-time data exchange between different parts of the supply chain will improve visibility and coordination across the entire network.

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